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Locus Map CAN navigate offline

19.11.2015 Locus team Blog

Quite a few new users often ask us how come that Locus Map can’t navigate offline? That’s obviously important for outdoor activities. Just make a few steps behind the last barn of your city and you’re out of GSM signal. Especially in the mountains. The answer is, however, that Locus Map CAN navigate without internet. It just needs a little help.

Big BRouter

Locus Map in default settings offers navigation with help of YOURS online navigation service. Other online services like OSRM and MapQuest are also implemented. If you want offline navigation, you have to install cooperating routing app BRouter, available at Google Play Store >>. Locus Map identifies it in the system and adds it automatically into the routing services portfolio.

A couple of steps to make…

…so that BRouter works properly in Locus:

  • firstly, launch BRouter itself
  • select Download manager
  • zoom in and select the area you need for offline routing
  • set BRouter as default navigation data source in Locus menu > settings > navigation > navigation data source

And that’s all in a nutshell. When you need routing service during route planning or navigation from point to point, Locus will navigate you without internet connection.

Some geek stuff

Although BRouter user interface doesn’t look much like it, the app offers quite a lot of various settings, creating custom navigation profiles etc. A rich source of info and tips is this wiki-blog >>. BRouter provides also a web app, enabling route planning on a big PC screen and consequent export to GPS file and then to Locus Map.

What if I don’t want BRouter

An alternative to BRouter is routing software GraphHopper.  We’re working on a GH add-on and despite it’s still in development, considering its communication with Locus, it performs very well on the other hand. You won’t find it at Google Play yet – all necessary links and relevant information gather in this forum thread >>. May be in near future we’ll see much more…

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